Kings Heir Introduction

What is KIH?

With KODX being the engine behind our lending platform, KIH will works as the driving force of our governace functions and some extra additions like mining TRX in a later stage.

KIH Staking module announcement

On-platform, users and KODX partners will transact using the Kings Heir Token (KIH) governance token built on the Tron Blockchain. More details can be found here.

KIH would be listed on

How to obtain KIH??

KIH will have NO presale!
KIH is obtained by minning it or buying form justswap.

How to mine KIH:

*Pool A: Stake KODX to mine KIH with a 7 day lockup period (50%) APY .

*Pool B: Stake TRX to mine KIH with ability to unstake anytime (25%) APY with a 5% fee of total invested TRX. The generated fee would be used for project development, (40% used for development, 60% Passed to the pool C)

*Pool C Stake KIH to mine TRX Full details before release.

KIH tokens available for Farming: 9000 KIH.
Duration of Farming: Years.

Kings Heir (KIH) is intended to bootstrap the liquidity in the KING OF DEFI ecosystem and will serve as an overall network upgrade as we begin to roll out the KING OF DEFI engine and deploy some surprise upgrades that will guarantee the sustainability and health of the KING OF DEFI network. Liquidity is crucial to the proper execution of the KING OF DEFI (KODX) roadmap!

Committed to being fully transparent to our community

Symbol: KIH
Decimals: 6
Type: TRC20
Total Supply: 10000 KIH
Staking & Farming Rewards: 9000 KIH
Contract: TPQ3CgtMjZJ3WKkUFLgxSaJ8z9bvP55BVm
Justswap Liquidity: 25 KIH and upto 500 KIH later
Justswap Starting Price: 5000 TRX = 1 KIH

We hope the information above is useful for our community. The DeFi space is still in its very early stages and we are constantly learning and developing along with the wider DeFi space, like every other DeFi project.

KING OF DEFI is a digital finance project base on the TRON Blockchain.It gives user the ability to Stake, Lend, borrow and Governance capabilities.KODX is a decentralize finance aggregation protocol that delivers a diverse range of staking and lending products all at once. KODX would be put up as collateral to borrow stable coin Such as TRC20-USDT, USDJ..